1Pondo 032115_049 Yuu Tsujii Video comment Battle The small animal girls

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Video comment Battle The small animal girls Tsujii Yuchan decides to make a debut beginning with a single road. It is about 150 centimeters tall, a purely fashion type of colorful white body. However, appearance is the lady type that goes to the piano, flower classroom, but nature is a carnivorous girl with vigorous libido. What to do with a small body body Everything is super – extreme, the gap with its cute appearance can not be said anything.

動画コメント バッチリお目々の小動物系女子こと辻井ゆうちゃんが一本道から初裏デビューを飾ります。身長が約150センチ、色白ムッチリボディの清純派タイプ。しかし、外見こそピアノ、華道教室に通ってそうなお嬢様タイプだが、本性は性欲旺盛な肉食女子。小柄なカラダでやること全てが超~過激、その可愛らし外見とのギャップが何とも言えないんです。


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