1Pondo 081317_566 Saku Chen Model Collection A big eyed on exotic face

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A big eyed on exotic face, Akino Sakino who has long black hair attracted to “model collection”. A beautiful woman who is not an exaggeration to say that women of the world have all the beauty envy. When seeing the promotion video of this main part, it is a style like a model decorating the cover of a famous fashion magazine, and a citizen who combines the beauty that the woman of the world envies. I say that there is no boyfriend in the interview. It is a reality that it is said that the cause is too beautiful and difficult to approach

エキゾチックな顔立ちに大きな瞳、長い黒髪が魅力の咲乃柑菜ちゃんが「モデルコレクション」に登場。 世の女性が羨む美を全て兼ね備えていると言っても過言ではない位の美人。 本編のプロモーション映像を見ていると有名ファッション誌の表紙を飾るモデルのようなスタイルに世の女性が羨む美貌を兼ね備えた柑菜ちゃん。 インタビューでは彼氏がいないと言ってますが。原因は美人過ぎて近寄りがたいと言うのが現実な


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