1Pondo 082416_368 Aizawa Haruka Ichiichi Charge! Next Man’s Rice

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Next man rice came back! It is! All the inhabitants in the mysterious rural cottage called no-pan, Konzese attacked the wife who is cleaning the nipple from the floating bra and cleaning it! It seems that everything is making a place in this inn, a ryokan, and you mistook it as a famous program of a certain television station, a natural-looking wife who accepts smoothly. As soon as I went up to that onboro ryokan, my wife’s streak and hair were hello! The rumor was true! Is it? This wife who showed natural plenty enough to complain about Konesuke’s hatchamacha talk. I do not know if my husband is absent in Matagi and lack of frustration, but I do not know whether it is true or not, but this real wife is actually a confident crime inviting Konzeseke! Is it? Then Konesshu turns around! I suck on the boobs that shake swayingly, and they will bear the wife!

帰ってきた隣のマンご飯!! 住人全員ノーパンという謎な田舎の旅館で、浮きブラから乳首を覗かせて掃除をしている奥さんをコネスケが突撃! なんでもこの秘境の旅館で仲居をしているそうで、某テレビ局の有名番組と勘違いしてるのか、すんなり受け入れてくれる天然っぽい奥さん。早速そのオンボロ旅館に上がりこもうとすると、奥さんのスジとお毛毛がこんにちわ! 噂は本当だった!? コネスケのハチャメチャトークを困らす程、天然っぷりを見せるこの奥さん。ご主人がマタギで留守が多く欲求不満だと嘘か本当かわかりませんが、このスケベな奥さん実は確信犯でコネスケを誘ってる!? それならコネスケがコネクリ回す! たわわに揺れるおっぱいにしゃぶりつき、奥さんを唸らします!


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