Caribbeancompr 051918_002 Time Fuck Bandit Stop Time. Legal Pie Uehara Shiori Kanehonaga Ozakino

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Uehara Shiori, Kanonagi, Hana Sakana

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Caribbeancom popular series, “Time Fuck Bandit Time Stop Stopped” Uehara Shiori as a super idol of the adult world as an apprentice practicing as a role of Madonna of justice in that popular drama It is challenging the trial to be a lawyer role! Uehara Shiho-chan defending the obscene sins which is said to be absolutely guilty of defendant · Hirai Shinji. An apprentice lawyer who gave evidence of the victim and got evidence and fell into an absolute pinch. However, there is a magical time stop watch that can stop time in the bag! Uehara Shiho-chan who stops time during the trial and turns unfavorable evidence & testimony into advantageous development. What on earth will this trial happen? Does justice win? Or does eroticism exceed beyond justice? The court rolled out an erection cock and opened a pussy covered with spicy milk. How is this trial going? Victory? Please check it with your eyes!

カリビアンコム人気シリーズ、「タイムファックバンディット 時間よ止まれ」にアダルト界のスーパーアイドルこと上原志織ちゃんがあの人気ドラマで正義のマドンナ役として活躍した見習い弁護士役に扮し裁判に挑んじゃいます!被告人・平井シンジの絶対に有罪確定と言われるわいせつ罪を弁護する上原志織ちゃん。 被害者の証言、証拠品を出され絶対ピンチに陥る見習い弁護師。しかし、そこに時間を止めることのできる魔法のタイムストップウォッチがカバンの中に! 裁判中に時間を止めて不利な証拠&証言を有利な展開に変えちゃう上原志織ちゃん。一体この裁判どうなってしまうのか?正義が勝つか?それともエロが正義を上回るのか?法廷は勃起チンポ丸出し、淫汁まみれのマンコをおっ開き、ヤリたい放題。一体、この裁判の行方は?勝利は?それはアナタの目でお確かめを!

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