HEYZO 1111 Hiimitsu is Examination Welcome to the Department of Spermatozoa Mari Koizumi

Published on May 26, 2018 by

Mari Koizumi

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I planned to take the entrance examinations for the Department of Biology Department, Department of Mesozoology! What? Student Mary Koizumi who strayed into a dubious department with a strange man who wore a white robe. You will be touched by breasts and breaking the pantyhose quickly, and you will be ordered to pee in the classroom at the end. As expected it is difficult to check the appearance of urination at the department of seminal material and it will be troubled after becoming a former college student from now on. There are a lot of things to study such as how to use utensils, such as pencil teaching methods, it is hard work. At the beginning too, I was confused by the many horny lessons that I was completely disappointed in the second half, of course I was in the promise and the final is finish

生 物学科の受験にきたつもりが、精物学科だった!?白衣をきた変なおっさんがいる怪しげな学科に迷い込んだ受験生小泉まり。早速胸を触られパンスト を破られ、あげくのはてには教室でおしっこをしろと命令されてしまいます。さすがは精物学科、放尿の様子もちゃんとチェックしておかないとこれから先大学 生になってから困ってしまいますからね。おちんちんのしゃぶりかた等、道具の使い方等勉強することが山ほどあって大変です。はじめは戸惑っていたエッチな 授業の数々にも、後半はすっかりなれてしまい最後はもちろんお約束の中だしフィニッシュです!

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