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A new work by Mr. Shinoda Ayumi, super super S class mature actress who was very popular with S plays in the previous work, appears as soon as possible! It turns out to be a previous work, and in this work Ayumi’s M plus can be fully enjoyed! When cleaning the house, Ayumi who was robbed of her lips suddenly living next door. If you do not want to hurt you, you will resist, but the ripe body will not be able to resist the desire of men, and will obediently respond to your desires. Ayumi who gradually dominates body and mind gradually to the desire of male, only to leave himself to pleasure even if it grabs a soft busty big tits. Another thing is that I can feel it! After all, it was done until inside creaming! In the end, it was Mr. Ayumi who had completely turned into a sexual processing doll firmly until I got a cleaning blowjob properly.

前作でのSっぷりが大好評だった超S級微熟女女優「篠田あゆみ」さんの新作が早くも登場です!前作とはうって変わり、本作品ではあゆみさんのMっぷ りが存分に楽しめます!家の掃除をしていたら、いきなり隣に住む男性に唇を奪われたあゆみさん。イヤ、ダメ、夫にバレたら、と抵抗するが、熟れたそのカラ ダは男性の欲求に抗しきれず、欲望に素直に反応してしまいます。男性のドSな欲求に次第に身も心も支配されていくあゆみさん、柔らかそうな美巨乳を鷲掴み にされてももはや快感に身を任せるだけ。あとはもう、感じまくりのイキまくり!結局、中出しまでされちゃいました!最後はしっかり、お掃除フェラまでして あげて、すっかり性処理人形になってしまったあゆみさんでした。

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