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NHDTA-701 Eng Sub. A beautiful mother fucked by her son’s classmate while sleeping. She remain quiet as she couldn’t resist the temptation

Description: NHDTA-701 English Sub – This is a story of a man who comes to stay at his friend’s house for a while. He was so lucky that he saw his friend’s mother, who didn’t wear a bra. He even saw her masturbating in the shower too. He makes love to her at night while his friend sleeps soundly. She wakes up and is confused, saying, “My son is going to wake up…” But then she gets lit up, and she starts moaning around on a young and hard cock that she hasn’t had in a long time.

Categories: Affair, Married Woman, Mature Woman


Actress: Anno Yumi, Honda Riko, Shiomi Yuriko

Date: April 17, 2024