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ROYD-066 Eng Sub. My childhood friend and her sister like me too much. A mix of jealousy, seduction, and stealing love competition.

Description: ROYD-066 English Sub – My childhood friend and I have been together since we were little and we are both aware of each other, but we can’t take another step forward in our relationship. One day, my parents remarried and I moved in with my stepsister who came from the city. She is a slut and has an aggresive personality. My childhood friend is jealous of my relationship with my stepsister and tries to separate us, but she seduces me. My stepsister is not going easy, so we have a threesome as if they were competing!

Categories: 3P, 4P, Cowgirl, Schoolgirl

Studio: ROYAL

Actress: Yuuna Himekawa, Kururugi Aoi

Date: March 25, 2024
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